MOSAIC ARTS - Retrospective
2013 to 2019


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The book is aimed at art and mosaic lovers and mosaic crafters.

A full colour, coffee table art book containing over 400 photographs of magnificent, inspirational mosaics.

  • 192 pages
  • 210 x 250 mm landscape
  • hardcover



Mosaic is the art of creating beautiful patterns, images and motifs with the help of colourful tiles, glass pieces and stones to create decorative works for interior and exterior living spaces.

While the popularity of this centuries-old art form has waxed and waned over time, it has proved eternal and, with time, has become ever more polished and beautiful. Mosaics Made in Africa is a 192 page, 210x250mm, hardcover, full colour, coffee table book containing over 400 photograph.

It is a tribute to the exceptional mosaic work of Vera Valli Giovitto, and her beloved Mosaic Arts. These pages recount her journey from humble beginnings and a lifetime dedicated to the art of mosaic craftsmanship in South Africa, showcasing highlights of her life’s work.

The book pays tribute to the dedicated team of artisans and designers at Mosaic Arts whose collaborative skills are an indispensable part of the works presented. With each new mosaic commission, their collection has grown to embody a diverse cross-section of styles reflecting the unique backdrop of the people and places they were made for. Although many of the mosaics are not accessible to the public, together they form a body of work that is truly inspiring and deserving of a broader platform of appreciation.

Marina Giovitto Ehlers, the author, is the Director of Mosaic Arts, a mother of three and a qualified Architect. She has worked with her mother for 20 years, from whom she learned the practice, art and love for mosaic. In 2011 she won the CEO Magazine award for the Most Influential Business Woman in Art and Culture.



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